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Turtle Nesting Tour


Sea turtle’s nest on hidden beaches purposely kept off the beaten track near Tamarindo. This 3-4 hours tour takes travelers to one such undisturbed beach in search of green sea turtles making their nests. Get the chance to observe the animals deposit their eggs and return to the water while respecting government conservation rules at all times.

  • Transportation from Tamarindo
  • Bottled Water
  • Snacks
  • Flash Light

What to bring

  • Gratuity
  • Long sleeve top and trousers, must be dark clothing as not to distract the turtles
  • Comfortable shoes for walking
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Camera or smartphone

  • NOTE: this tour is seasonal (Oct 22nd – May 20th), Other dates are possible but we do not see many turtles.
  • We drive to beach for about 30 minutes, transportation is offered. We meet at the restaurant Pangas.
  • Other tour Ostional National Park for a price of $85 per person plus National Park Entry Fee so Total will be $110, this tour offers guaranteed sighting and driving 1:45 hours. (GUARANTEED VIEWING TURTLES ONLY ON OSTIONAL TOUR, IF WE DON’T SEE TURTLES ON THIS TOUR WE WILL RESCHEDULE AT NO COST)
  • Only 3 to 4 days a month there are massive turtle arrivals in these special beaches. Please ask about this and we can see the date when this special moment happens.

5 Hours

What we offer

It is possible to see more than one kind of turtle; including the green, black, olive ridley and if we’re lucky the leatherbacks too. We respect the turtles at all times by closely following rules laid out by the government conservation authorities so as not to be noticed by the turtles while observing them very closely. We’ll spend approximately one or two hour on the beach before returning to drop you off at your location in Tamarindo. Minimum 2 bookings are needed for the tour to operate.

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Baby turtles and mamas on May 15th 2023 | 2023-05-15 | By Carinna S

We had the most amazing evening starting with a beautiful sunset. If that wasn’t amazing enough we were fortunate to see 5 baby turtles coming out of different nests and two Mama turtles going to make a nest. It was a life changing and beautiful experience. Our guide Luis was super knowledgeable and gave us all the information we could have wished for about these amazing animals and he kept us informed how to keep a safe distance from the nesting turtles and support the babies into the first few minutes of their little lives. Thank you so much, we truly loved your tour and will keep this as a life-long memory.


Great turtle tour | 2023-03-22 | By JN 
Really liked how Tom took us to beach early, to see sunset. We got to see both baby turtles hatching and running to the ocean as well as an adult laying eggs. Super cool for the kids.


Best way to spend your final night in Costa Rica | 2023-03-31 | By VG119

I didn’t book a private tour, but my family of four just happened to be the only ones to book the tour for that night. Tom took us to a secluded beach away from all the other turtle nesting tours. It’s a small hike in—nothing difficult, but I wouldn’t wear flip flops. We wore our hiking shoes and I was glad we did. We arrived at the beach just as the sun had set and the stars were starting to come out. It was so beautiful. There was only one set of footprints on that beach from the whole day. Far more turtle tracks than anything else. While we waited for turtles, Tom explained about the life cycle of sea turtles and the remarkable way in which they travel to Australia to grow and mate and return to the very beach they were born on in Central America to lay their eggs. It’s truly incredible. As it got dark, we had the privilege of seeing three adult turtles come up on the beach. None of them chose to lay eggs, but we were able to see these remarkable creatures up close. Then we found a nest of baby turtles hatching. The eggs are buried underground. When they hatch, they dig themselves out of the nest and work their way towards the ocean. I believe each nest usually has 100-200 eggs. It was amazing to see them all trying to climb their way out and then watching them struggle on down to the ocean. They are adorable! This is such a rare and magical experience and one I know my teens will remember their entire lives. Tom knew right where to go and wasn’t afraid to take us to the place where he knew we could find turtles even if it was a little harder to get to than the place the other guides started out. He was friendly and knowledgeable. You are never guaranteed to see turtles, but your chances are much higher with Tom. And even if we had seen no turtles at all, being on a secluded beach at sunset was amazing by itself.


Once in a Lifetime Experience with an Experienced Tour Guide | 2023-03-05 | By Rujul

Due to Luis’ knowledge, we arrived quite early at the beach. We managed to see some hatchlings and two mother turtles as a result! There were larger tour groups who came after us and did not seem to get as lucky. The stars and sunset were additional bonus. I am incredibly glad we picked this tour!


Turtles and an Incredible Star-filled Sky | 2023-02-25 | By Brian W

It was low tide so only two turtles came ashore. In the end, neither of them built a nest. Still, we did see them up close. While we waited for turtles. we thoroughly enjoyed lounging on the beach and seeing a million stars across the sky.

There were about 20 people in all. Our guide, Luiz, did a fine job.


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